A journey through life.

I’m doing this again?

Blogging always seems like a great idea. Until I try to be consistent. I think the same can be said about most things in my life. I love starting – have a hard time following through. ADD? Fear of things ending? Who knows, but I feel compelled to blog again.

Probably as a form of therapy. Trying to find a team for next year, knowing I’m capable of producing results on a legit team but seemingly unable to convince the powers to be of the same. Going through grad school so that I’m not professionally limp as I tick years off my life on the bike. Learning how to develop a 4-year-old’s mind so they are prepared for the shit-storm you know is coming at them in life. Managing a relationship while trying to find every angle to increase your form for the next season while recovering from the last.

At the very least, these things remind us we are alive. Right?

I’m seriously curious how this blog turns out. Will I just vent stuff no one wants to hear or can I turn it into something bigger, maybe a platform for my ambitions? That’s a thought….

—–In the end, no one makes it out of this life alive.—–


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