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Under the Influence Product Reviews

I am so sick and tired of bullshit product reviews.

There are maybe TWO sources of gear reviews that actually get it right, that I respect, but even they don’t pay for their gear or race it at an elite level (I don’t need to call them out because if you know your ass from a hole in the ground, you know who they are – and so do they).

So, I’m going to review shit. Why? Because I’m and engineer and an elite racer that PAYS for my equipment. If it doesn’t work as advertised or obviously was designed by the janitor sneaking in some Pro/E time, I get pissed. Mainly at the people who approve products that suck, not necessarily the junior engineer trying to move up from Lead Coffee Tech.

Also, in order to ensure the honestly and accuracy of my reviews, I intend to write them while slightly, mildy, or heavily intoxicated (notice the lack of in between?).

Up first – Ritchey Seatpost

Sorry the pictures are shit, but you’ll get the idea.

Now Ritchey has a cult following. Which means people don’t like shit on his stuff because he’s like one of the founding fathers of cool shit. Well, I’m gonna throw a turd.

This post, well, sucks. Sure, it holds the saddle and it hasn’t broken sending a jagged javelin into my perennial region. BUT, I want a seatpost that I can adjust in FINE increments AND holds over time without torquing past spec. This is not that post.

Seriously, one bolt posts really have a hard time cutting the mustard. And as you can see below, any time you have to hold two parts together with a rubber middle man, its no good.

Stupid Rubber Thingy

So what sucks about this post? Well, grab yourself one, set it up and torque it to spec. Then notice as your saddle migrates in angle over the course of a season. Then try to reset it your your desired angle. You try to loosen the main bolt enough to allow you to move it, but not so much that you look at it funny and it does a 180 rotation – problem is, those are your only options – loosen it just enough that you can hammer it to your desired angle (real fucking accurate) or loosen it too much and before you know it, you are completely resetting your saddle angle AND setback.

Doesn’t matter if its properly lubed, torqued, and jerked-off – it just doesn’t work like a well engineered product. The cradles are responsible for clamping onto the post head and rails using clamping force from one direction. Its like trying to steer and brake – you can only do one thing well at a time.

OK, buzz is wearing off, so the bottom line? Seatposts are simple – they should be able to hold your saddle and allow you to adjust the angle and setback independently and EASILY. In fine increments. Two bolts work great (think a classic Thomson). Let’s not create stuff just for the sake of doing so, which it seems is the origin of this post.